Advisement Forms (ADV)

These ADV Forms (for the students admitted to graduate programs) are available as needed for students and departments to perform some of the necessary functions during a student's graduate program.


Note: We recommend you download the most recent version of the Adobe® Acrobat Reader in order to view these forms. The Reader is available for FREE download here.


Form ID

Form name


ADV Form 1 Request for Interdisciplinary Graduate Study Dec 2015

ADV Form 2a

Request for Graduate Full-time Status

Dec 2015

ADV Form 3

Program of Study

Dec 2015

ADV Form 3b

Program of Study Change

Dec 2015

ADV Form 3c

Graduate Student Special Registration

Jan 2008

ADV Form 3d

Graduate Degree Course Challenge Examination

Dec 2015

ADV Form 4

Minimum Registration Fee Payment

Sep 2010

ADV Form 5

Leave of Absence

Oct 2016

ADV Form 6

Graduate Student Request for No-Cost/No-Credit Religion Course

Dec 2015

ADV Form 7

Departmental Request to Expire (Terminate) Graduate Status

Dec 2015

ADV From 8 Graduation Deadlines for Graduate Students 2016-2017 School Year Jan 2016
ADV Form 8 Graduation Deadlines for Graduate Students 2017-2018 School Year Dec 2016

ADV Form 8a

Requirements for Graduation Application

Jul 2016

ADV Form 8b

Evaluation of Written Examination

Sep 2014

ADV Form 8c

Departmental Scheduling of Final Oral Examination (Masters and Doctoral)

Dec 2015

ADV Form 8d

Approval for Final Dissertation or Thesis

Aug 2016

ADV Form 8e

Request to Secure Thesis or Dissertation

Dec 2015

ADV Form 8f

Copyright Information Pertaining to Dissertations and Theses

Aug 2012

ADV Form 8g

Letter of Completion Request

Oct 2014

ADV Form 9doc

Committee Member Evaluation of Final Oral Examination - Doctoral

Jan 2008

ADV Form 9

Committee Member Evaluation of Final Oral Examination - Masters

Aug 2009

ADV Form 10

Report of Committee Action for Final Oral Examination

Apr 2015

ADV Form 11

Checklist for Preparing ETD (PDF) for Submission

Jul 2016

ADV Form 11a

Sample Preliminary Pages for Submitting Dissertations and Theses

Jul 2016

ADV Form 11b

Preliminary Pages Template - Thesis

Jul 2016

ADV Form 11d

Preliminary Pages Template - Dissertation

Jul 2016

ADV Form 13

Publishing Your Doctoral Dissertation with Proquest Dissertation Publishing

Mar 2016

ADV Form 14

Survey of Earned Doctorates

Aug 2014


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