Application Checklist

    • Provide evidence of at least the equivalent of a 4 year U.S. bachelor’s as indicated by an unofficial transcript or academic record for each institution attended. 
  • GPA
    • Self report your final degree GPA as indicated on your transcript or academic record.  International applicants must covert their raw GPA to a 4.0 scale.
    • Take the appropriate entrance test as required by your program of interest and have the official scores sent to BYU. 
    • Request 3 letters of recommendation from previous professors or professionals. 
    • Describe your educational and career objectives and how graduate work will fit those goals.
    • Check the Resume section of the application to see if your program requires a resume.
    • Complete any additional application materials that may be required by your department. 
    • Submit the official minimum required TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English Proficiency Exam scores to BYU.  Scores must be current within 2 years.
    • Provide copies of current U.S. visas and passport biographic pages for yourself and any dependents that may accompany you, along with proof of finances for the duration of your program.
    • Pay the $50 application fee and submit the application before the published graduate program deadline. 
*Applicants who are subsequently recommended for admission must submit official transcripts before they can register for classes and international applicants must initiate and complete an IERF foreign credential evaluation report.
**Non-Native English speakers who are U.S. citizens or have received their degree within the last two years from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, or Australia are not subject to this requirement.  
^International visa requirements are not required until after an applicant has been officially recommended for admission to the university however, the visa documentation will not be issued by the university until after these requirements are satisfied.   


Department Requirements

  1. TESTS. Take the appropriate tests as required by your program of interest. Select BYU as a recipient school for test scores and use BYU's institution code (R-4019 for TOEFL and GRE--tests by ETS).  Unofficial test scores may prevent your application from being considered. Check with your program of interest here to see what test they require, as well as what types of tests they will accept for admission.
  2. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION.  Request online letters of recommendation from three professors or professionals. They should know you and be able to evaluate your potential as a graduate student at BYU. Letters are sent electronically through the application. You will need the recommenders' names and e-mail addresses.
  3. STATEMENT OF INTENT. Department websites may have specific instructions on what they require. The purpose of the statement of intent is to provide information which is not included in your application or academic records and which may be useful to the admissions committee. Write a carefully constructed statement of your academic preparation and goals, indicating how graduate work fits into those goals. Statements are generally 1-2 pages but may have more specific requirements by department.
  4. RESUME – Check the Resume section of the application to see if your program requires a resume.
  5. OTHER DOCUMENTS – Complete any additional application materials that may be required by your department. This may include writing samples, research papers, art slides, audition tapes, interviews, etc. For specific requirements, contact your graduate department of interest.

International Visa Requirements

  • Review the tuition and living expenses for the academic year for which you will apply.
  • Upon admission to Graduate Studies, send bank statements and, if necessary, the 


     of Support for sponsors. Proper documentation, such as bank statements, tax forms, etc. must accompany these forms to verify any finances declared.
  • Submit evidence of current visa or immigration status for self and/or dependents. 
  • Upon admission to Graduate Studies, submit copy of passport along with dependent passports to


Check your Application Status


check often to ensure that all items are received and that your application is complete.

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