Applying for Graduation

Please refer to graduation deadlines for this year HERE

And please refer to Requirements for Graduation Application HERE

Before starting your application for graduation on gradapp, please take the opportunity to review your graduate Progress Report in AIM.  You are the person most responsible for your degree, and our hope is that the Progress Report will either verify that you are right on track or that it will guide you to problems that need to be solved before you will be able to graduate.  To view your progress report, either follow the link on the graduation website or log into myBYU and enter PROGRPT in the quick URL box.  On the PROGRPT page, check the box for your current program and ‘Submit’.

The graduation application is online in AIM. To navigate to AIM and your graduation application information page, please follow these instructions:

1. Log in to your myBYU through

2. Type into the QuickURL box (usually the second box in the left column) GRADAPP and hit enter. or,

Go to the myBYU menu; click on School; click on Apply for Graduation.  The GRADAPP page will appear and you should read it carefully and do the following:

1.       You must have an active ecclesiastical endorsement on file to be eligible to apply for graduation.

2.       Click on the link to review your graduate Progress Report and make sure it is correct, including the names of faculty members on your graduate committee.

3.       Type in your diploma name exactly the way you would like it to appear on your diploma.

4.       Indicate whether or not you plan to attend graduation.

5.       Click ‘Submit Application’ link.

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