Family Life

The goal of the graduate programs in the School of Family Life is to provide education that teaches students to conduct research that contributes to the understanding and enhancement of human development and marriage and family relationships.  In addition, the graduate programs will educate students in the prevention and intervention that promotes quality family living across generations. The graduate programs in the school are noted for contributions in marriage preparation, family studies, social development, and marriage and family therapy.

Four degrees are associated with the School of Family Life: Marriage, Family, and Human Development MS; Marriage, Family, and Human Development PhD; Marriage and Family Therapy MS; Marriage and Family Therapy PhD.


Marriage and Family Therapy Program
Phone:  (801) 422-5680
Address:  234 TLRB, Provo, UT  84602-6710
Web site:


Marriage, Family and Human Development Program
Phone:  (801) 422-2060
Address:  2086 JFSB, Provo, UT  84602
Web site:

Contact Information

Phone: (801) 422-2060
Address: 2086 JFSB, Provo, UT 84602-6710
Dean Busby
Associate Directors for Curriculum
Laura Padilla-Walker and Erin Holmes
Marriage, Family, and Human Development Graduate Coordinator
Sarah Coyne
Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Coordinator
Jonathan Sandberg


The university makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this catalog, but reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice.
Since change is a part of university life, curriculum and program changes will likely occur during the time the current Graduate Catalog is in circulation.

Honor Code

The university expects that all students, regardless of religion, will maintain the behavioral standards of the school, including the Honor Code. These include high standards of honesty, integrity, chastity, morality, and dress and grooming, in addition to abstinence from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse. The Honor Code Statement is found here.