French Studies - MA

Effective Analysis

Explain and analyze connections between literary texts or works of art from the French or Francophone world and their historical, political, social, religious or cultural contexts. 

Research Skills

Produce and defend a scholarly document on a topic related to one or several fields examined in the Program (political discourse, linguistics, literature, civilization, history, art) and address the topic from an original perspective that brings new insights and demonstrates critical thinking, analytical skills, and bibliographic expertise. 


Interpret various works (short story, novel, poetry, drama, film, political discourse, or history), through the application of critical theories. 

Transferable Skills

Expand the horizon of international understanding to prepare for personal goals, such as continued study in a doctoral program or a professional career. 

The departmental MA concentrates on establishing a solid foundation in French studies with a particular emphasis on literature and analytical skills. The thesis should represent in both substance and scope significant research that contributes to the discipline of French studies. Most students also benefit from additional training and experience as research assistants or as teachers in lower-division French classes.

Requirements for Degree.

  • Credit hours (30): minimum 24 course work hours plus 6 thesis hours (Fren 699R).
  • Required courses: Fren 660R Critical Theory or equivalent; minimum 18 credit hours in French; maximum 3 credit hours in an approved course in a related field such as comparative literature, humanities, linguistics, or romance philology; 6 hours of Fren 699R (thesis). Students may petition to replace up to 3 credit hours of French with course work in a related field.
  • Writing project: thesis.
  • Examinations: comprehensive written and oral examinations on course work and reading list. Oral defense of thesis.
Fall Deadline:
February 28
Winter Deadline:

Spring Deadline:

Summer Deadline:

Additional Requirements:
  1. Baccalaureate degree or equivalent with a major or minor in French
  2. Writing sample in French
  3. Advanced proficiency in French
Required Tests: GRE
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*New GRE Revised General Test with a two year average of scores. When applicable.

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Honor Code

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