Programs of Study

The Program of Study is a carefully considered plan which identifies the student’s major, lists all courses required, and designates the graduate committee. It may also include a minor. Prerequisite and skill courses are neither determined nor required by the university, but they are tracked in AIM if entered on the Program of Study. Each Program of Study must meet the minimum university degree requirements and all the requirements of the individual programs as specified in the Graduate Catalog and graduate student handbooks. Necessary changes in a student’s program or committee can be made if authorized by the student’s committee and department graduate coordinator. After making a change, the department must resubmit the Program of Study or graduate committee for university approval; the department retains the Program of Study Change (ADV Form 3b) in their records.

Master’s degree students should outline their Program of Study under the direction of their graduate committee during their first semester, completing it no later than the third week of the second semester.

Doctoral students should receive approval and submit their Program of Study during the first year, with completion no later than the third week of the beginning of the second year of study.

Departments may contact Graduate Studies to prevent students who have not submitted a Program of Study from registering for subsequent semesters.


Departments should publish and distribute to graduate students a multi-year schedule of course offerings so they may plan their course of study. Graduate course offerings must be sequenced appropriately and offered with sufficient frequency to prevent delays in degree completion.

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