Graduate Mentoring Award

The GMA is designed for a faculty member to mentor a graduate student who, in turn, mentors undergraduates. One of the motivations for this category of award is to facilitate the involvement of graduate students in assisting undergraduates with off-campus activities, but that is not a criterion. Graduate Studies is open to all activities that involve undergraduate mentoring by graduate students.



Graduate Research Fellowships and Graduate Mentoring Awards

To qualify for a  Graduate Mentoring Award, proposals must satisfy the following Objective, Funding Stipulation and Presentation Commitment:

  • Objective: To enable graduate students to enhance, enrich, or enlarge their research/creative works beyond normal expectations by incorporating an extra dimension into their learning experiences that deepens their knowledge and appreciation of their disciplines.
  • Funding Stipulation: The funds are to be used to support research/creative works that would be unfunded otherwise (including enhancements to currently funded projects). Graduate Studies will confirm compliance with this criterion before the funds are granted.
  • Presentation Commitment: Awardees must agree to present their results in a forum established by Graduate Studies, and to provide a written report to Graduate Studies that describes the results of their project.

Proposal submission requirements:

  • a definition of the proposed activity;
  • an explanation of the significance to both undergraduate and graduate students;
  • an explanation of the nature of the service to the undergraduates;
  • an explanation of the research or other scholarly activity by the graduate student that could not occur without this award;
  • letters of support from the department chair and college dean; and
  • a detailed budget.

Awards will be made in the amounts of $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000, depending on the costs involved.   The submission deadline for GMAs is January 15 and awards will be announced by February 1 (this does not preclude activities planned for fall/winter, but they must meet this application deadline).


GMA proposals will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Dean of Graduate Studies (0 - 100 points):

  • Satisfies the objective: (0 - 31)
  • Significance to the discipline as a contribution to knowledge: (0 - 23)
  • Creativity and originality: (0 - 23)
  • Appropriateness of the methodology: (0 - 23)

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